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TRAINED is a client centric private health and fitness studio. At TRAINED we offer private and semi-private strength and conditioning and Pilates programs. A fully equipped studio that maximizes your time. No waiting for equipment. No distractions.  Just you, your coach, and achieving your health and fitness goals


Our mission at TRAINED is through fitness to take you somewhere you have wanted to go, somewhere that you may not believe you can arrive on your own or have not been able to previously. We will coach you to believe in yourself and help you arrive where you have always wanted.


Our vision is to simplify the aspects health, fitness, nutrition, mobility, and mindset. To quote Luka Hocevar, “Anyone can make someone tired. A great coach makes someone better.” We want our members to get better not only every training session but every day! Thus, enabling you to have long term sustainable success.

Our Core Values that shape every program at Trained

Bring my best

Every session, every day I will bring my best effort and attitude to help you have your best possible TRAINED Session. I will be prepared and passionate about helping you achieve your goals that day. As your coach, I also expect you to bring your best every session. Together we will give everything we have to achieve a successful session.

Communicate & Educate

At TRAINED our goal is to simplify health and fitness for our clients. To do this we will communicate why every exercise is included in your program. We will perfect every exercise and movement that is implemented. Mastering an exercise or movement will allow for the greatest results. At TRAINED we want to educate our members on ways to improve themselves thru fitness, mindset, nutrition, etc

Be profressional

At TRAINED, we want to set ourselves apart from every other facility. This is portrayed in the way we dress, talk, act, and how we treat our members and everyone that sets foot within TRAINED. We pride ourselves in holding the highest standards of professionalism.

Exceed Expectations

At TRAINED our coaches pride themselves on exceeding the expectations of our members. Every session will be an experience. Our core values play an integral role in allowing us to provide an experience that exceeds expectations, makes our members day, and make life-long members. We never want to lose a client.

Empathize, Care, and Gratitude

At TRAINED, we want to set ourselves apart from the rest by empathizing and just simply caring more. We are the “AntiGym”. Our members are not just a number. They come first. At TRAINED you are family. Family sticks by each other and helps them succeed. We understand that you can choose to train anywhere and we are and will always be grateful to everyone who walks thru our door.

Continuing Education

At Trained, our coaches pride themselves on not only staying up to date, but also finding new ways for our members to continue to achieve at their highest level. Our coaches are continually educating themselves and evolving to stay at the forefront of the health and fitness industry.

Honesty, Transparency and Clarity

Every relationship at TRAINED is honest and transparent. We will never sell or promote any service or product that we don’t use ourselves. We will never sell a member a service or product that they don’t need.

Have Fun & Be Positive

Fitness should be fun. At Trainer it’s our coaches’ job to help our members have fun every single session. We encourage everyone to have fun and enjoy this ride we call life. Negativity has no place at TRAINED.


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